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Marie's Original Poison Ivy / Oak Soap

Southern Oregon"The soap everyone's just itchin' to use!"

Since 1999 Marie’s Original Poison Ivy/Oak Soap has been providing poison ivy/oak relief to our local Oregon community and now, due to it's amazing success and effectiveness, our business has expanded worldwide -- even NASA orders our soap!

It Works Because It’s 100% Natural!

Marie, a native of Southern Oregon and an herbalist for 40 years, was determined to find an all-natural solution for her painful, itchy poison oak rashes. After much research, she formulated a 100% natural soap that would remove the poison ivy/oak oil from the skin and speed healing once the rash had started. Read Marie's full story here.

After market testing thousands of bars, Marie and her team feel confident that you will swear by her soap for poison ivy/oak relief, as do thousands of firefighters and government agencies working in the outdoors. The Oregon Highway Dept. buys over 2,000 bars yearly for its employees.

Marie's Original Poison Ivy / Oak SoapUnique TRIPLE-ACTING FORMULA Stops, Heals and Prevents

This truly amazing product prevents poison oak or poison ivy rashes even after exposure. When used after contact most people never get a rash at all and when used after the rash has started, healing is greatly accelerated.

The mechanical action of the soap pulls poison oak and poison ivy oils off the skin, while herbs with a natural antihistamine action help stop itching and redness. Other herbs promote healing of the skin.

Our soap is a completely natural and organic blend of essential oils, herbs, extracts, clay, oat bran and vegetable glycerine soap. Our soap does not contain any artificial ingredients, dyes or scents and best of really works!

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